News and Updates, Feb 26: Stoutfest continues ALL WEEKEND, specials & Second Self launch next Thursday!


Wednesday, February 18th –

Sunday, March 1st

Stoutfest comes to a roaring conclusion this weekend! Thanks to everyone who braved the nasty weather this week! We’ve had a fantastic time tapping and drinking these wonderful brews with all of you! As is our custom, we still have some great brews stashed away for the weekend…

Laika 3 ways:
Original, Boubon Barrel aged & Red Wine barrel aged!

Special from the

kitchen this Weekend:

Sloppy Joe


So this week the guys decided to take two very different foods and meld them into another crazy entrée (or another instant Trappeze classic). We don’t even know what they’ll look like yet, but we know they’ll be delicious!!!

Stay tuned to our social media

this Sunday for our Brunch

special and #BeerBQ Sunday

night specials!

It may STILL be cold outside…

but SPRING is here at the lounge!

Be sure to try out all the delicious new cocktails on our spring menu!

We’re not meteorologists, but we’re predicting perfect cocktail drinking weather this weekend at the lounge!

* Hint: They’re all 1/2 off Monday…Tuesday…Wednesday…Thursday… & Friday from 5-7pm!

*Monday TRIVIA with Danielle at 8pm

* Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights

FREE JAZZ at 8:30 PM

* Wednesday B-I-N-G-O at 8pm

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